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Signs You Just Need a Break!

Do you ever have that moment? You know, the one when your brain says, “nope! No more”?

Mental strain and stress can sneak up on us out of nowhere and really do a number on our health. Often, a seemingly inconsequential event can trigger an amount of stress that doesn’t feel appropriate for the situation.

But usually, that one small event was just the straw that broke the camel’s, rather your, back. Often, we ignore the warning signals of pent-up tension, or don’t even know how to spot it until it’s too late.

Right now, with working at home, less access to physical movement activities, and less social interaction, mental strain can rise quicker than ever before.

Luckily if you are able to catch the warning signs of stress when they start, you can practice self-care methods to process and keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed.

Here are some red flags to look out for as you go through your day!


Dizziness or Foggy Mind

Woah, why is the room spinning all of a sudden? Our physical health is impacted by the levels of stress we experience because of the interconnectedness of different systems in our body. When one is out of whack, other parts can also be negatively affected! While being groggy, low energy and out of focus can be a sign of specific vitamin deficiencies, it can also be that you are not processing mental strain.


Crying Spells

If you are finding yourself crying more than usual and feeling overreactive to random events, check in with yourself. Often our bodies try to release stress in any way that they can, including crying.


Tense, Achy Muscles

When someone is stressed out, they tend to hunch their shoulders up to their neck, clench their jaw, or just keep all their muscles contracted tight. This can really cause some “ow” moments, especially when you come down from being tense!


Severe Fatigue

You have that 2pm naptime grogginess...but all the time. Ugh. If you are getting enough sleep and you still feel exhausted, this can be the mental-physical connection telling you to slow down and take care of your health!



Listen, sometimes we all just want to step away and do anything BUT what we have to do. However, if you find yourself dreading and avoiding your to-do list to the point of it affecting your work and personal life negatively, you may want to check your stress levels. Being overwhelmed is the body’s way of digging its heels into the sand and yelling “enough already!”



This here is a big one right now. If you find yourself often susceptible to colds and infections, it might be stress impacting your immune system. As we mentioned before, your mind-body connection is strong and interconnected.


Eating More or Less Than Usual

Some people will overeat while others will skip meals during stressful times. This is normal to experience, but not healthy. While it’s no one’s business but your own and totally fine to indulge in your favorite treats, if you feel your eating patterns are abnormal compared to usual, check in with yourself. Your body may be trying to tell you it's pent-up with stress.


The EZ Melts Difference 

The takeaway here is being in tune with yourself and practicing self-care is helpful for your mental and physical well being. Want to maximize your daily stress management? Taking supplements like L-Theanine can promote relief from strain.

All our vitamins, including L-Theanine, are fast melting, EZ to take, and have delicious customer-approved flavors. The EZ Melts promise: our vegan, non-GMO supplements have zero sugar or chemical additives.

Thanks for being a part of our community!


Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens