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Forget Sheep...Try These Surprising Tricks for ZZZs

*Yawn* Seriously though, sheep aren’t going to catch us sleeping.

According to the Sleep Foundation, 68% of adults ages 18 to 29 report experiencing symptoms of insomnia, compared with 59% percent of adults ages 30 to 64, and 44% over the age of 65[1]!

And even if you don’t have this medical condition, there are many people who report just not being able to sleep at night. Ugh.

That’s a whole lot of you night owls out there!

Jokes aside, sleep hygiene, or the healthy routine of getting adequate sleep at the same scheduled time, is actually critical to longevity, your mental health, and even your immune system, just to name a few! Read on to learn some surprising things to try for a restful sleep...


1. Take Takeout Out of the Bedroom!

Many of us work in bed on our laptops, watch The Office on repeat under the covers, and even eat dinner in bed (you thought no one knew, didn’t you?)!

No judgment, we all like doing things from the comfort of our bedroom, and it can be even more tempting if you’ve been working from home for months!

But when you do stressful or active things on the object that you sleep on, your brain might be associating your mattress with more awake time.

Try creating separate spaces for work, eating, entertainment, exercise, and rest, and see how it affects your sleep patterns.


2. Driving You Up the Walls

This sounds like a weird one, but trust us.

Before getting into bed, try this restorative and accessible yoga pose: legs up the wall, also known as viparita karani.

Sit sideways on the floor and scoot your seat until it rests on the wall, then put your legs straight up. (Your seat doesn’t need to be flush against the wall, as long as your legs are up with your sitz bones on the floor.) Gravity from this pose can help your blood circulate from your lower half.

Pair it with our breathing exercise from our last blog post, and sit there for at least five minutes. Then get under the covers and dream away!


3. Three Words

Blue. Light. Glasses.

There are tons of videos that visually demonstrate how these lenses block harsh blue light from technology, associated with keeping your mind hyperstimulated.

If you spend long hours on your computer or phone, try these out. They may help your brain and eyes relax, rather than keeping you awake and strained.

Some people report that they believe it helps them with headaches and computer vision!

Still looking for more? Try pairing Melatonin, a natural hormone supplement, with any or all of the tips above. Check out our Zero Sugar, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO quick melting Melatonin tablets in a customer-approved delicious flavor!


Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens


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