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Our Mission

We believe that vitamins should be pure, potent and easy-to-take.

Your good health is at the heart of every vitamin and supplement we offer. That’s why we thoughtfully and scientifically design each of our vitamins, supplements and bundles to meet your health goals at every age. We want you to live a long, happy and active life.

Plus, we believe that taking vitamins and supplements should easily slip into your daily routine and lifestyle. We never want you to think of it as a chore. 

That’s why at EZ Melts® we’re committed to making it as simple as possible for you to take superior quality vitamins every single day.

A national survey conducted by Harris Interactive revealed that 40% of Americans have a hard time swallowing pills†. 

That’s one big reason why we formulated our products to melt in your mouth quickly without water or heavy chewing. You’ll experience health-boosting benefits faster –no need for large pills… tablets… or capsules that can cause choking, gagging, and difficulty swallowing.  

Our customers agree: EZ Melts® is the #1 choice for all ages, especially older adults and others who hate swallowing pills. We have an extensive range of products to serve your health needs and those of your family. We want you to stay strong… fit… and live life to the fullest. You can rely on us to give you what you need. 

We’re proud of our entire line of unique, fast-melt supplements. And we’re thrilled to offer you the most-effective and innovative nutritional supplements available – at the lowest price possible – to help you live your healthiest and best life possible. 

We’re dedicated to your healthy success… and wish to help enrich your life. It’s care, quality and commitment you can trust.

†Harris Interactive Inc. Pill-Swallowing Problems in America: A National Survey of Adults. New York, NY: Harris Interactive Inc. for Schwarz Pharma; 2003. pp. 1–39.