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How To Easily Manage 

Subscribe & Save

Managing your subscription is as simple as taking our melts. And the best part is that you can change your orders as many times as you wish, all from one place.

Let's get started! First, log in to your account. Then click ‘Manage Subscriptions’ on the top left corner to enter your subscription portal.

1. Change Your Next Delivery Date

Missed taking your vitamins a few days? Or maybe you shared your melts with friends and they loved them so much that they depleted your supply for the month? You can easily move your delivery date up or push it back anytime.

In the View your next order tab, click Reschedule. Then, select the new order date and click Save changes to confirm. 

2. Adjust Quantity Of Bottles & Delivery Frequency

Click the Manage subscriptions tab. Under the subscription you want to edit, select Manage this subscription. You can change the quantity of products and frequency, then select Save changes to confirm.

3. Add New Products To Your Routine

Thinking of new products to add to your vitamin regimen? Get them in your next delivery by logging onto your portal and scroll down to You may also like, then click Browse all products.

4. Update Address or Billing Method

Option 1 (Billing Method only): Log in to your portal and click Edit payment method.

Option 2: Click the Address & payment details tab, click on Manage Addresses or Manage Payment methods and then make the update(s) needed.

5. Apply Rewards

Once you’ve signed up to join EZ Melts Rewards, you can earn and apply exclusive savings on your subscriptions. 

To apply your reward points to a future subscription order:

1. Log in to your subscription portal.

2. Click on the Rewards icon with a star on the bottom left corner of your screen. 

3. Click Ways to Redeem to see all the rewards available and the coupons ready to view or redeem. Make sure you select a reward that includes the label ‘Subscribe & Save order coupon’.

4. Click Redeem on the reward you’d like and copy your unique discount code. 

5. Log in to your subscription portal, click +Add discount, enter your code, and select Apply discount code.

Once you’ve submitted it, refresh the page and you will see the discount applied appear under the product. Your next charge is now updated to reflect that discount.

*Please keep in mind that only one discount code can be applied per product charge. If you have multiple rewards available, you can repeat this process for another product or save it for a future charge of the same product.

Still having trouble? You can always reach us at