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Ease Anxiety in ONE MINUTE with This Trick!

We feel you--times are tough.

Stress levels are high, and being cooped up is taking a toll, mentally and physically. 

Even with businesses and jobs opening back up in our communities, that kind of anxiety can take a long term toll.

There is something that can help, L-Theanine, which is linked to naturally reducing cortisol levels--the hormone that goes haywire when we are anxious. 

But in addition to taking natural supplements to maintain your stress levels, there are things--free things--you can do in the moment when you are experiencing some tough anxiety symptoms. 

We know people have said “BREATHE DEEPLY” to you before. But have you ever wondered if there is a technique to doing it? After all, breathing is one of those things we do without thinking!

But hold on: try this method below, for at least one minute in the moment of stress, or ideally, throughout your day for balance. 

Deep breathing practice is scientifically proven to release endorphins, improve blood flow, improve sleep quality, release constricted muscles, and even improve posture! All of these functions are negatively impacted in prolonged periods of anxiety. 

Try out the 4x4 method:

  1. Sit still or lie down if possible, hands on stomach. Close your eyes if preferred. 
  2. Breathe in normally for a breath, and release--your abdomen should expand forward and backward with this action. You should feel it in your hands.
  3. BREATHE IN deeply through your nose for four, even counts. Using “One Mississippi, two Mississippi” or another popular method helps. 
  4. HOLD the breath at the peak for another four, even counts.
  5. RELEASE slowly and powerfully, from the root of your abdomen for four, even counts. 
  6. Repeat four times (or as long as you need to!) 

Research apps that time your breath if you prefer sounds to keep you on track to counting in your head, or other helpful forms of breathing practice! 

Enjoy that fresh air and peace of mind.

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Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens