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Cheater Cheater, Snack Eater?

Are you a cheater? We think not!

Nutrition through food is essential, and regardless of your weight, shape, or size, you need it to survive and thrive. However being health conscious is important, especially if your medical provider has suggested specific diets for health concerns.

Your body is your home and should be treated as such; make sure you take care of it so it takes care of you in return. All people are worthy of nourishing their bodies, period.

If you are restricting certain foods for health concerns or whatever personal reason it may be, it can leave you feeling defeated when you give into an indulgent food craving. Psychology and evolution is partly to blame--the same areas of our brain that light up for drug addiction also activate for fatty, carb and sugar heavy foods, especially when you’re stressed or upset [1].

On top of this, the fall and winter are coming and sugary, carb-heavy comfort foods are being sold everywhere we look. It’s this time of the year that it is especially important to remember that you should not punish yourself for enjoying a treat in moderation.


The Science of Happy Hormones and Food Cravings

Confused? You might think that we were going to tell you to diet harder, or cut calories somewhere else, or completely restrict yourself from all the foods you crave.

Not the case! We are telling you that giving into the occasional craving for an indulgent treat coupled with a well-rounded, nutritious diet and exercise is A-okay!

Furthermore, completely cutting yourself off foods you crave can lead to an increase in desire. Restriction can swing like a pendulum and actually distract you even more because you are constantly thinking about what you can’t eat, leading to an actual increase in caloric intake [2]. Takeaway here: treat yourself!  

Of course, it is also important to consider that giving in too much to your brain’s reward system can strengthen your brain’s craving-seeking impulses. When you consume an indulgent treat, “happy hormones” like dopamine are released by your brain. The more you eat that particular food, the more your brain might tell you to eat it, leading to a landslide of eating more and more to get the same hormone fix [3].

Research shows that chronic stress leads to increased cravings, and constantly giving into increased cravings is statistically connected to a higher BMI [4]. Not to mention, swapping in a piece of pecan pie or cookies at your Labor Day cookout in place of a healthier snack sacrifices essential vitamins and minerals your body needs!

Tip? If you are giving into that craving for treats more often this time of year, consider taking a multivitamin to bridge the gap in your nutrition--after all, your body needs the same amount of vitamins and minerals to function 365 days a year, not just in the summertime!


Best of Both Worlds: EZ Melts

Vitamin supplements are a great way to ensure that you get the essential nutrients your body needs while still enjoying the occasional “cheat food” this time of year. 

As we’ve mentioned before, the brand matters. If you try supplements, see why EZ Melts is better--our vitamins are fast melting, EZ to take, and have a delicious customer approved flavor. Unlike many major vitamin brands, our tablets do not include harmful toxic ingredients, artificial flavors, or GMOs. Try us out and see the difference!





Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens