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Six B6 Vegetarian Superfoods to Always Keep on Hand

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Vitamin B6, as we briefly discussed here, has so many important roles in the health and wellbeing of our bodies. It’s essential to get vitamin B6 through our food sources, because our bodies don’t produce it on our own. Scientists studying evolution believe that over time, mammals (that’s us) evolved to ingest most vitamins and minerals from food sources instead of naturally producing said nutrients within ourselves.

For better or worse, we have to ingest B6. Many groups of people can be susceptible to vitamin deficiencies, such as vegetarians and vegans, because a lot of vitamins and minerals are found in meat and animal products.

To make it easier to get your B6, and because we are really into the number right now, here are six superfoods to always keep stocked in your home that you can incorporate into a lot of recipes.

1) Eggs

We are starting it off with a household staple for vegetarians. Eggs are a fantastic source of healthy fats, protein, and vitamins. For example, just two eggs contain 10% of your daily recommended value of B6. Eggs are relatively inexpensive and simple to cook. For breakfast, it’s important to get protein and fiber to keep your metabolism revved, your brain focused, and your stomach full for longer. So, try a quick veggie omelet in the morning before work, like this one (vegetables are a great source of fiber). Add all the spices you’d like! If you’re looking for an even speedier breakfast, cut up the vegetables the night before, so you can simply crack your eggs and go!

2) Avocado

We hope you’re on the avocado bandwagon, because they are chock full to the brim with fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals you need to support your health. Just one recommended serving brings you 13% of your daily B6. They are also low in sugar and carbs, so if you are carb conscious, avocados are a great option. Keep them on your counter, and when they are soft, spread them on toast with feta and pumpkin seeds, add a dash of pepper and salt, and you’ve got a filling, wholesome breakfast. Looking for a snack before (or during) your evening meal? Try making your own fresh guacamole, served with pita or tortilla chips (we promise homemade is better It’s a fresh, vibrant addition to any dinner party!

3) Bananas

Bananas are convenient, transportable when you’re on the go, and a delicious treat in the morning, noon, or night. One medium banana can provide you with up to ⅓ of your daily recommended value of B6. If you have a sweet tooth, add it into any fruit smoothie recipe you like, or, try slicing and freezing the banana on a cookie tray with a small drizzle of dark chocolate for a lighter version of dessert after dinner.

4) Sweet Potatoes

Swap in sweet potatoes in your usual potato dishes, and you’ve got a sweet and savory side dish packed with B6 (about 20-29% of your daily value in one medium sized ‘tate, to be exact). Are you craving something sinfully sweet and crispy? Cut sweet potatoes into snackable strips, throw them in the oven for 20-25 minutes with some salt, pepper, and olive oil, or use an air fryer for crispiness and flavor without compromise.

5) Breakfast Cereals (Fortified with B6)

Need a breakfast on the go? Pick up a box of cereal that you enjoy, and check the nutritional facts to see if it is fortified with B6. Many great grain products are. Just make sure to choose one that has minimal added sugar and preservatives—check out the health food aisle in your local grocery store for ideas. Still craving a little sweetness in the morning? Add some blueberries or a sliced banana to your cereal bowl! Bonus vitamins and a healthy way to substitute for sugar.

6) Chickpeas

These little guys are packed with a ton of vitamins and minerals. Just one serving contains about 25-27% of your daily value of B6! Stocking up can be relatively affordable and easy. Keep a few cans in your pantry for nights where you want an easy, zesty side dish, like this Mediterrianian-inspired chickpea salad. Looking for a quick, delicious snack? Make or buy hummus, and cut up some veggies or add some crackers on the side. It’s a great way to keep you fueled midday. Just one serving contains 65% of your daily value of B6.

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Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens