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3 Benefits of Vitamin B6 and One MIND-BLOWING Fact!

There aren’t just three benefits to having the right amount of B6 in your body, but for time’s sake, we are keeping it short and sweet. But vitamin B6, as we briefly discussed here, has so many important roles in the health and wellbeing of our bodies, it was really hard to do that!

It’s essential to get vitamin B6 through our food sources, because our bodies don’t produce it on our own. Scientists studying evolution believe that over time, mammals (that’s us) evolved to ingest most vitamins and minerals from food sources instead of naturally producing said nutrients within ourselves [1]. For better or worse, we need vitamin B6 benefits to support our brains, heart, nervous system, and metabolism of proteins, just to name a few.

Keep reading to learn about what is Vitamin B6 for, three reasons why you should prioritize getting this vitamin, and how B6 literally gave the breath of life to oxygen-breathing species!

1. Despair Beware

Right now, it can feel even harder to get up and get going with the pandemic still in full swing. Things are uncertain, and summer is wiling away, with many of us not able to enjoy a lot of the fun warm weather activities we usually do.

Good news: vitamin B6 has a hand in regulating your moods, because of its vital role in creating neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. In fact, scientists have found that the lack of B6 may explain the manifestation of certain neuropsychiatric symptoms in mental health patients [2]!

The right amount of B6 is linked in studies to alleviating symptoms of depression because of its role in creating neurotransmitters [3]. That is surely something to be happy about!

2. Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Homocysteine is an amino acid many people get from eating meat. However it is dangerous in high levels, because it increases the risk of heart disease--one of the leading causes of mortality in the United States!

In controlled studies, supplementation with B6 can lower homocysteine in adults who are experiencing high levels and are not at severe risk of heart disease [4]. Conversely, it has been found that low levels of B6 can double an adult’s risk of getting heart disease [5]! Conclusion? Make sure to limit a lot of fatty red meats and get your B6.

3. Anemia’s Enemy

Don’t have enough B6 fuel in the engine? Your body could develop anemia [6]! This is due to the fact that vitamin B6 synthesizes hemoglobin--yeah, your blood cells!

Specific forms of B6 act as coenzymes for an enzyme called ALA synthase, which has a role in creating hemoglobin. B6 also helps oxygen bind more effectively for transport in hemoglobin.

This brings us to our final and most interesting point: B6 played a key role in the first ever act of the consumption of oxygen!            

The Breath of Life

Scientists have made a remarkable discovery: They found that the most ancient and primary act of consuming oxygen for survival was about 2.9 billion years ago!

And what’s more, the first process of a living organism using oxygen involved the production of B6, along with its partner enzyme, oxygen-creating manganese catalase [7]. Quite literally, B6 was involved in the breath of life. How cool is that? Dibs on using it for future conversation starter.

Make sure to get sufficient amounts of the essential vitamin, and if you suspect you are low on B6 or any other vitamin for that matter, consult with your doctor about taking a supplement to keep your body up and running.

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Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens