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Boost These 3 Healthy Habits the Easy Way!

If this pandemic has reminded us of anything, it’s that health is our most valuable resource. Many people have been searching for ways to boost their immune systems and maintain optimal health as the first line of defense. 

This has also led to reflection on our daily habits that are either detrimental or beneficial to our health. EZ Melts’ mission is to spread awareness about how to protect the health of ourselves and our loved ones during the pandemic and beyond! In addition, we want to highlight how some of the best health practices can be optimized by simply taking a vitamin supplement. 

Here are three habits you can make more effective the easy way with vitamins!


1) Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene, or the practice of good, quality rest, is important for keeping your immune system strong. Not only does your body heal when you are in REM sleep mode, but it promotes optimal metabolism, brain performance, and a balanced appetite. Your body even produces vital hormones during sleep [1], and all this without you even having to think about it!

Vitamin Boost: If you have trouble getting quality rest, try all-natural melatonin and vitamin D supplements. Melatonin and vitamin D are normally produced by the body and regulate your sleep cycles. However, if you work odd hours, don’t get enough sunlight, or get adequate nutrition containing these, you may be deficient!


2) Fitness and Physical Health 

Routine movement is critical for your immune system, bone health, as well as your quality of sleep, mental wellness, and metabolism [2], to name a few! This doesn’t have to be extreme boot camp programs either--unless you’re into that!

Simply making it a goal to walk around the block, taking breaks away from your desk to stretch and go for quick 15 minute jogs, cleaning your house or gardening is physical activity, and adequate activity and is linked to longevity [3]. It all adds up!

Vitamin Boost: To maximize your body’s ability to repair muscle tissue after working out and increase your energy levels, consider iron and vitamin B supplements, especially if you feel you have a deficiency. Iron and B-complex help oxygen transport to your muscles, strengthens your bones, revs your metabolism, and is crucial to creating DNA [4], [5]!


3) Stress Less

Mental wellness is just as important to your health as physical health, and research indicates that it even intertwines. In fact, anxiety and excess levels of stress are linked to a weaker immune system!

In order to maximize your quality of life, pay attention to your stress levels. If you find you are overwhelmed or have less motivation to work and socialize, consider taking a break for mindfulness like this breathing exercise.

In addition, practice the above habits and get adequate rest and nutrition, as these factors are linked to mental health [6].

Vitamin Boost: Vitamin deficiencies can also affect your mental health! If you believe you are struggling, talk to your doctor about how to support your mental wellness. This may include taking supplements like L-theanine and vitamin C. Vitamin C is linked to a healthier mind and protection against disorders [7], and L-theanine is believed to lower stress levels and help your body relax!


The takeaway here is practicing healthy habits and making it a part of your daily routine is helpful for your mental and physical well being. Taking supplements can support these habits for maximum benefit!

Our vitamins are fast melting, EZ to take, and have delicious customer-approved flavors. The EZ Melts promise: our supplements have zero sugar or chemical additives, are vegan and non-GMO. Thanks for being a part of our community!





Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens