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Trending Ways to Exercise Without the Gym

Read Time: 4 minutes

This month is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, and we wanted to highlight some trending, fun ways to move your body. If you don’t like traditional treadmills, weightlifting at the gym, or are super busy, you’ll probably love this article.

Being physically active doesn’t need to be boring or something to dread. It can be fun and fit into your schedule. Most of all, moving is for everyone—there are so many activities to try that don’t include hours spent in a gym. 

Whether you like working out in a group or solo, at home or outside, or trying new things, there’s an activity out there for you. Check out these below and get moving! 

Video Games

Intensity Level: Mild to Strenuous, it depends on you and the game you choose

The first one on the list might be a head-scratcher, but if you’re a gamer and want to exercise in the comfort of your own home, video games might be the solution. There are many games out there to stimulate your mind and move your body—all while having fun. If you like to dance like nobody’s watching, try Just Dance. If you’re into adventurous fantasy games, try Ring Fit Adventure on Nintendo Switch—it’s like playing an RPG and working out at the same time. 

Aerial Yoga

Intensity level: Moderate

Want a refreshing spin on yoga? Try it in the air! There are many studios and instructors that offer aerial yoga classes now. Ropes and hoops are suspended from the ceiling, and all fitness levels are welcome (check with the studio on which classes are best for you). You’ll work on stability, balance, and flexibility, all while learning new skills. 

Weighted Hula Hooping

Intensity Level: Mild to moderate

If you loved hula hooping as a child, you’ll love that it is a great way to work out, even as an adult! Weighted hula hoops are a fun and relatively affordable way to get fit. Hula hoops are known for strengthening your entire body, especially your core. Try looking up some videos online of different techniques or see if there is a local group that hoops together. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn some new tricks that will impress your friends. 

Speed Walking

Intensity Level: Mild to moderate

Speed walking isn’t just for catching a bus or getting someplace faster—it’s also a great workout and alternative to running. If you don’t like to go for morning jogs or running hurts your joints, try speed walking instead. All you need are a good pair of supportive sneakers and a few videos on proper form (yes, there is proper form to walking). There are even speed walking races, so check out local events.  


Intensity Level: Moderate to strenuous

If you ever wanted to be a ballerina, now is your chance. Barre is Pilates meets ballet meets yoga, and it will work out muscles you didn’t even know you had. Barre classes are an increasingly popular option being offered in gyms and private studios. You can even find classes on fitness apps if you prefer privacy. However, we would recommend going to a class with an experienced instructor, because if you need correcting of your form, they can help make sure you prevent injury. The barre method is small movements at high reps, which tones specific muscle groups that are often missed by traditional movement. Plus, they usually play current, high-energy music during class that will get you sweating and forgetting to check the time. 

A Vitamin Boost to Your Fitness Routine

Routine physical activity is essential for immunity, bone health, sleep quality, mental wellness, and metabolism, among others

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