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What Do Sports and Pregnancy Have in Common?

Both athletes and people who are pregnant need this to stay strong and nourished. Well, okay,  all people need this.

A pregnant woman needs twice the amount of this mineral that they did preconception [1], and if you’re a fitness devotee, your muscles need this to power through even the toughest workout.

Speaking of muscles and pumping iron, yep…you guessed it (well, we just gave it away)! 

We’re talking about iron, a mineral that is critical to endurance, strength, and vitality. Iron is essential for blood to carry oxygen through your body. It’s also necessary to create blood cells in general, hence why a shortage of iron = higher risk of conditions like anemia. Best case scenario? You’re fatigued and sluggish.


Intro to Iron

Iron has a slew of important roles within your body, including:

  1. Neurological development
  2. Physical growth in young children
  3. Muscle endurance and metabolism
  4. Linked to stronger immune systems
  5. Synthesis of specific hormones


Yet with how essential iron is to our health, too many people don’t get enough!

Ready for something that might shock you? Approximately 10 million people have an iron deficiency, and of those people, 5 million have anemia [2] That’s a lot of missing blood cells! 

Why the shortage? When people think of iron and protein, maybe a thick cut of steak comes to mind, but there is an abundance of it in all sorts of foods that are much healthier, like fish, poultry, beans, and leafy greens to name a few [3]. (Click here for an extensive list of food options containing iron). Vegetarians are at increased risk of iron deficiency due to not consuming meat, which is why it’s important to include the other alternatives.

However, even with this information, many people are not eating the foods required to sufficiently fuel their bodies. Totally understandable! With the hectic culture we live in, the last thing many of us are thinking of is looking at a nutritional label for iron and other vitamins/minerals.

Go-go-go society aside, people will often choose to take iron supplements with the advice of a medical professional.


Too Much, Too Little

Just as not having enough iron can pose health risks, so does having too much iron, which can lead to aching joints and fatigue [4], with the extreme of overconsumption being toxic amounts of iron in your bloodstream. This is why you should always check in with a health care provider before starting a new supplement regimen!


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Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens