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The Benefits of Taking Melatonin Over OTC Sleep Aids

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There are a lot of remedies and supplements out there for sleep support, and with good reason. According to research, about 70 million people in the US suffer from a lack of quality sleep. Are you one of them?

For something so essential to our physical and mental health, sleep sure is elusive. There are many reasons someone might have trouble catching ZZZs, including medical conditions such as insomnia, excessive mental strain, external pressures like family, work, and finances, and more.

Another reason that you might have difficulty relaxing and falling asleep at bedtime can be due to low melatonin levels, aka sleep hormone levels.

Melatonin is a hormone produced and released in your body so it knows when it is time for sleep. It is a part of the circadian rhythm--your sleep cycle. Sometimes, due to environmental factors such as too much screen time, production can get out of whack. One way to help counteract low levels is to take a melatonin supplement thirty minutes before bedtime.

Melatonin Vs OTC Sleep Aids

Melatonin supplements affect the body differently than OTC chemical sleep aids you find at your local drugstore. Melatonin interacts with your circadian rhythm in order to naturally recalibrate your internal clock if you don’t release enough of the sleep hormone on your own. This in turn helps you fall asleep easier.

It should be mentioned however that people often mistake melatonin for a chemical that will induce sleep by physically sedating your body and mind. However, melatonin does not force you to get shut-eye; it simply tells the body that it is the time of day it should go into rest mode. Think of it like setting an alarm on your phone--melatonin alerts your body and reminds it of what it should be doing.

Chemical OTC sleep aids however, will sedate you and thus help your body fall asleep, but it has nothing to do with naturally influencing the circadian rhythm. Sleep aids typically target receptors in the brain, which physically relaxes your body in the process and lull you into sleep. This unfortunately can leave people feeling out of it the next day, groggy, and still feeling tired. They can also create headaches, shaky limbs, and nausea.

When thinking about what to try, consider the side effects of melatonin vs OTC sleep aids. Melatonin won’t cure insomnia or other sleep conditions, but for those night owls who need something to help their body chill out at night and drift off into Dreamland, taking an all-natural melatonin supplement is a great first step. Kick your circadian rhythm into gear, sleep well, and wake up rested with melatonin.

The EZ Melts Difference

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Try pairing melatonin, a natural hormone supplement, with improved lifestyle changes to support better rest, and enjoy the easy ZZZs that follow!

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Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens