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Should You Take B12 or B-Complex Supplements?

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There are eight essential B vitamins and they can be hard to keep straight. Together, they are called B-complex, and both the combination or individual B vitamins can be taken via supplements—and should be.

About 92% of today’s Americans are vitamin deficient, which is bad news because B vitamins are vital to so many different parts of our functioning body, especially the brain and all it does for us--memory, emotions, energy levels, stress, and mental health including depressive episodes.

More specifically, when it comes to vitamin Bs, people are deficient especially in vitamins B1, B6, and B12. This is due in part to human evolution, because over time, we have lost a lot of our abilities to synthesize vitamins in the body itself.

Therefore, B vitamins are only stored in the body via oral consumption--whether that’s food or vitamin supplements. Bs are also water soluble and pass through our bodies quickly, which means we need constant intake of the right dosages. But with so many B vitamins, how do we know which ones to take?

When to Take B12 Supplements

Vitamin B12 is the most common deficiency out of all the B vitamins, especially for vegetarians and vegans. This is because in our diets, B12 is not found in plant-based food sources. Vitamin B12 is crucial to nerve and blood cell health, and helps with DNA production. A deficiency includes symptoms like loss of appetite, weakness and fatigue, severe anemia as well as poor memory and dementia.

Even if you are a meat eater, you can still be deficient, but vegetarians and vegans should especially be mindful of symptoms. If you are on a plant-based diet and believe you are prone to missing out on B12, consult a medical professional and consider adding B12 supplements to your daily regimen.

When to Take B-Complex Supplements

B-complex supplements cover all eight essential B vitamins, and are safe to take even if you do get some of your vitamin Bs through nutrition. B vitamins support your brain, immune system, metabolism, DNA production, and much more, so it is crucial to ensure you are supplementing your diet if you feel you are not getting enough through food.

While it is rare to be deficient in all eight B vitamins, and most foods contain ample amounts of B1, 2, 3, and 5, many Americans today are not consuming a well-rounded diet that includes the right amount of vitamins and minerals. If you worry you are experiencing symptoms of B deficiency (list found here) and not sure which one could be the issue, consider talking to a medical professional and covering your bases with a B-complex vitamin.

EZ Melts Difference

Always make sure your nutrition supports your best health, but to ensure you are getting the right amounts, we suggest a supplement like EZ Melts to add to your daily routine. It’s important to have a daily routine of feeding your body the nutrients it needs. Supplements are the easiest and quickest way of ensuring you get the correct amount.

Many vitamin supplements are solid and have a ton of chemical additives, which can cause stomach upset, so quality matters. Make sure you are choosing a brand that cares about what they put into their supplements as much as you care about what goes into your body. Thanks for being a part of our community!

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Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens