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92 Percent of Americans...

Ninety-two percent.


Ninety-two percent of Americans are nutrition deficient--and that’s across class lines.


That’s right, regardless of economic status or location, people who reside in the United States today--wealthy and underserved populations alike--are not getting the adequate nutrition they need for optimal wellness and longevity [1].

We all know that food is essential for survival, period, but adequate nutrition is necessary for living well. See the difference?

For example, while you may survive eating takeout and fast food every day, your body will not be able to provide you with optimal wellness and function. 

Getting adequate amounts of every vitamin and mineral through our food sources is preferable, hands down. But in today’s world, where everything is fast-paced and unpredictable, we at EZ Melts recognize that it is difficult to do this with food sources alone.

In a previous post, we discussed the scientific theory of evolution and how it relates to our bodies’ abilities to source nutrients.

According to research on human evolution, over thousands of years, our bodies lost the ability to create many nutrients on its own due to getting said vitamins and minerals through food sources [2]. Therefore, our bodies need to get many essential nutrients by eating and metabolizing!

So, with this information...what do we do?! We know most of us will not be seeing a change in our busy schedules to plan perfect amounts of essential nutrient bioavailability in our diets any time soon. How the heck are we going to obtain that goal of wellness? 

That’s where modern science comes in! Read on to find your quick one-stop solution to getting your healthy glow on.


Supplements: Are They Actually Helpful?

If the answer were no, we wouldn’t be here!

The easiest and most cost-effective way to bridge your nutrition gap is vitamin supplements. And yeah, we might come off biased as a supplement company, but to prove this statement, we link third party scientific research to walk the walk and talk the talk.

Taking a multivitamin to address your nutrition needs is incredibly beneficial, particularly for certain groups of people [3], but it’s important to remember: the label counts!

We discussed this in a different article, The Myths of the Multivitamin: due to the fact that the FDA does not regulate health supplements as strictly as pharmaceuticals, there are a lot of companies that will cut costs by using cheaper and even toxic ingredients that are not as readily bioavailable to your body’s metabolism [4]. This means harmful side effects and money wasted on useless pills that won’t be absorbed by your body!

There are brands (including us) that use all-natural ingredients, naturally-sourced sweeteners, and non-GMO, vegan ingredients, so be sure to do your research first.


Benefits of Multivitamins

There are many types of supplements to address specific deficiencies or boost your nutrient intake, but starting off with a multivitamin is the best way to cover your bases [5].

Among the many benefits of a supplement, here are three of the big ones to remember when considering a multivitamin regimen:

1. Gene Expression: According to scientific research, there is a definite link between adequate nutrition and your DNA replication/how it forms. This also includes the formation of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and autoimmune disorders. There is a growing body of evidence linking vitamin and mineral deficits with the increased likelihood of certain diseases and disorders [6].


2. Uplifted Mood: Mental health disorders can NOT be cured by nutraceuticals, and getting the right medical treatment for diagnosed illness is critical. However, in addition to adequate medical help, research shows there is a link between deficiencies of vitamins such as the B family and vitamin D and reports of decreased motivation and mood as well as an increase in depressive moods [7]. Getting adequate vitamins through supplements is a good way to address the shortage of these!


3. Strong Immune System: It goes without saying, this one is on everyone’s mind right now. Vitamins and minerals are linked to an enhanced immune response. These vitamins and minerals also contribute to the creation of T fighter cells and white blood cells, which in turn help your immune system do its job of protecting you against diseases and viruses [8].


The EZ Melts Difference

If you try supplements, see why EZ Melts is better--our vitamins are fast melting, EZ to take, and have a delicious customer approved flavor. Unlike many major vitamin brands, our tablets do not include harmful toxic ingredients, artificial flavors, or GMOs. Try us out and see the difference!






Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens