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Senior Health & Fitness Day

Read Time: 3 minutes

You don’t have to be an influencer or a young adult to reap the benefits of regular physical activity. Regardless of whether you have exercised your entire life or are just starting, it’s never too late to begin.

There are long-term and immediate health benefits to exercising, and as we said last week, going to the gym is not required. Especially as we age, our bodies change, but physical activity is still necessary. According to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, physically active older adults are less likely to fall and are less likely to be injured. Also, seniors who consistently move their bodies can preserve physical ability and mobility for longer.

It’s recommended for everyone to get in at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week, but if a senior’s health conditions limit physical activity, it’s still important to get whatever safe movement in that they can. 

Not sure where to begin? Always check in with a medical professional when trying any new routine or exercise to make sure it’s safe. Here are some tips for senior people:

  • Anaerobic and aerobic exercise are equally important, so try to incorporate both, such as walking with light weights
  • Balance training is recommended and can be learned through yoga or Pilates
  • Check local events to find exercise classes exclusively for senior citizens
  • Try activities at home, like dancing with a partner, gardening, or bicycling around your neighborhood
  • Adopting a dog is a great way to gain companionship and motivation to walk outside
  • Stretch before and after every exercise—it helps improve flexibility and range, which is important for preventing injury, especially as we age
  • If you need a low-impact workout, try a local water aerobics class. Swimming is a great way to work out and keep friction and weight off your joints. 
  • If you find it difficult to motivate yourself or if a health condition prevents you from strenuous activity, a little exercise is better than none. Try swapping out a half-hour of sitting during the day for doing light chores or listening to a podcast as you walk around the house.
  • You can organize a group of people your age and fitness level by checking around the neighborhood or at community centers. Exercise can be more fun with others.
  • Find a senior fitness specialist by asking your doctor or calling your insurance to find people who can help guide you through these life changes.
  • Remember: sit less, move more!

For more information on how you can adopt a more active lifestyle in your senior years, read through Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans by clicking here.

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