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Five Iron Superfoods

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Ready for something that might shock you? Approximately 10 million people have an iron deficiency, and of those people, 5 million have anemia, which is a condition that affects our red blood cell count and causes many physical side effects.

Iron is an essential mineral and has a lot of important roles in your health, including:

  1.     Neurological development
  2.     Physical growth in young children
  3.     Muscle endurance and metabolism
  4.     Linked to stronger immune systems
  5.     Synthesis of specific hormones

So with a mineral that is so essential, why are there so many people with a deficiency? Part of this is due to nutrition gaps, as over 92% of today’s Americans are nutrient deficient, regardless of economic or social status. Many people are on the go all the time and don’t stop to check nutritional information on the foods they eat. Deficiency can lead to health conditions and diseases down the road!

While many people also choose to take a supplement to address this and prevent long-term health effects, it’s also important to make nutritious meals a priority. Supplements can bridge your nutrition gap and support a healthy lifestyle, but it is important to also eat well. In light of this, we decided to make a list of the top five iron superfoods you can add to your diet today!

Five Iron Superfoods

When people think of iron and protein, maybe a thick cut of steak comes to mind, but there is an abundance of it in all sorts of foods that are much healthier for you. Vegetarians especially are at increased risk of iron deficiency due to not consuming meat, which is why it’s important to include the other alternatives.

Here are our top five favorite iron superfoods:

  1. Shellfish: Clams, mussels and oysters are the best for providing a healthy dose of iron, and are a summer favorite for many! Shellfish contain a version of iron called “heme iron”  that is easier to digest and absorb than plant sources.
  2. Broccoli and Spinach: In addition to hefty doses of iron, leafy greens and green vegetables like broccoli and spinach contain vitamin C which actually helps the body to absorb iron better!
  3. Legumes: Legumes include chickpeas, beans, soybeans, lentils, and more! In fact, legumes are a fantastic source of iron for vegans and vegetarians, and is a staple for those diets. For example, one cup of lentils contains over one-third of the recommended daily amount of iron.
  4. Quinoa: Swap out white rice in your next meal for healthy quinoa! It’s such a versatile grain, and in addition to many vitamins and minerals, one serving has about 16% of the recommended daily iron, and is gluten free—a great choice for those who are gluten intolerant.
  5. Dark Chocolate: Okay, so this has to be our favorite iron superfood on the list. Dark chocolate is here for good reason: 1 oz contains 19% of the daily recommended amount of iron, as well as a powerful blend of magnesium, prebiotic fiber, and antioxidants. Go on, indulge!

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It’s important to have a daily routine of feeding your body the nutrients it needs, but pairing this with supplements is a great way to positively impact your health. And of course, if you are having health issues related to poor nutrition, consult with a doctor first.

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Many vitamin supplements are solid and have a ton of chemical additives, which can cause stomach upset, so quality matters. Make sure you are choosing a brand that cares about what they put into their supplements as much as you care about what goes into your body.

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Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens