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Are Melatonin Supplements Effective? (Plus a Surprising Health Benefit!)

Getting adequate sleep is critical to our physical and mental wellbeing, but more often than not these days, you’ll hear someone lamenting about sleep being just out of their reach at night.

According to the Sleep Foundation, 68% of adults ages 18 to 29 report experiencing symptoms of insomnia, compared with 59% percent of adults ages 30 to 64, and 44% over the age of 65 [1]!

And even if you don’t have this medical condition, there are many people who report just not being able to sleep at night. Ugh.

One reason that you might have difficulty relaxing at bedtime can be due to low melatonin levels, aka sleep hormone levels.

Melatonin is a hormone produced and released in your body so it knows when it is time for sleep [2]. It is a part of the circadian rhythm--your sleep cycle. Sometimes, due to environmental factors such as too much screen time, production can get out of whack [3]!

One way to help counteract low levels is to take a melatonin supplement thirty minutes before bedtime.


Do Melatonin Supplements Work?

Yep, they definitely can for a lot of people! Many try melatonin supplements when they can’t sleep. It’s also a natural option to try before moving on to heavy-duty sleep medications.

Melatonin supplements are quite popular. In fact, over 3 million Americans tried them in recent years [4]!

Studies have found that taking a small amount of melatonin before bed can help promote a relaxed state that eases the body into sleep mode [4].

It should be mentioned however that people often mistake melatonin for a chemical that will induce sleep. Melatonin does not force you to get shut-eye; it simply tells the body that it is the time of day it should go into rest mode. Think of it like setting an alarm on your phone--melatonin alerts your body and reminds it of what it should be doing!

In addition to being your body’s alarm clock, melatonin is also a strong signal when it comes to metabolism and weight management. Read on to find out why!


Weight Management and Melatonin

As winter approaches, we might all be thinking about how to stay active and fit while still enjoying holiday treats. Did you know that melatonin is an important part of your body’s metabolism working effectively [5], [6]?

Yep! In addition to counting sheep, melatonin supports your body in having a more effective metabolism.

It was found that people with higher levels of melatonin in their system had more even levels of sugars, fats, and carbs like glucose and triglycerides, as well as a more balanced appetite [5]!

So even if you aren’t trying to lose weight, better rest certainly can help with keeping your appetite in check, as well as digesting nutrition from the food you eat during the day.

As always, check in with a medical provider to see if taking melatonin is right for you. Some groups should be cautious, such as those who are pregnant or nursing. But if your doctor gives you the green light, try melatonin to support good sleep and a balanced appetite!


The EZ Melts Difference

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Try pairing melatonin, a natural hormone supplement, with improved lifestyle changes to support better rest, and enjoy the easy ZZZs that follow! 

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Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens