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3 Tips to Combat Feeling Sick During Flu Season

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Staying well is on everyone’s minds right now as the fall approaches again and we reach flu season, especially with the variant leaving the country unsure of what’s ahead.

We’re sure you’re reading this wondering how to best support you and your loved ones’ health. Even with preventative measures, sometimes you just get unlucky and come down with a nasty bug.

The good news is that even if you catch a flu, it’s not too late to take care of yourself so you feel sick for a shorter amount of time. Here are some tips to keep in mind so that you and your immune system can have a better chance of bouncing back quicker and stronger than ever.

Stop and Sleep

Uh oh, you start sneezing and running a temp when the panic settles in. As you scramble to get as many errands and work done as possible before you have to use that sick PTO, take a step back.

Often we think as long as we push through as much as possible while our bodies are fighting illness, we will get more done in the long run. Sorry to burst your bubble, but this isn’t usually true.

Our bodies aren’t able to give 100% when they aren’t feeling 100%. If you’re running around and pushing yourself while sick, your productivity will most likely suffer and you’ll get things done less efficiently than if you wait until you are well. More importantly, without proper rest, your body will not be able to fight off illness as efficiently, leaving you to get even sicker or take longer to recover and get your work done anyway.

If you’re stressed from a work environment that demands you push yourself, or can’t fall asleep at night, try our sleep tips here.

Vitamins That Kick Symptoms to the Curb

When you are in working order and feeding your body what it needs, it utilizes proper amounts of all nutrients in a form of synergy. No system in your body works alone and no vitamin or mineral works alone either.

Supplements are the best way to support your wellbeing especially during flu season and if you happen to fall ill. While you do need the right amounts daily to stay healthy as mentioned above, beta-glucan, zinc, vitamin D3 and vitamin C are four of the best vitamin supplements to take for immune support.

Zinc is vital and essential in aiding over 300 enzymes that exist to help with digestion, metabolism, immune system, and nerve function. Getting the daily recommended dose can help shorten the duration of feeling sick. But zinc isn’t stored in the body, so we have to get it in food and supplements.

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, works as a powerful antioxidant that boosts your immune system response and fights free radicals which harm and age your skin (vitamin C is responsible for boosting your body’s natural collagen production, which = healthier, younger looking skin).

Our skin produces vitamin D3 when it takes in sunlight, however, about 42% of Americans today are still deficient. While many foods contain this vitamin, it’s best to take a supplement if you and your doctor feel there is a nutritional gap.

Not only does vitamin D3 support a healthy immune system, but recent studies have shown that taking vitamin D3 in combination with zinc and vitamin C could support an even greater immune response, which is why our Immunity Bundle combines all three.

Last but not least, beta-glucans are also known as immune modulators. They have been shown in trials to affect the activity of fighter cells like T-cells, macrophages, and natural killer (NK) cells.

The effectiveness of our immune system is only as good as the response and speed of our fighter cells. Beta-glucan has been proven by research to aid in positively affecting the rate at which our immune systems respond to unknown pathogens.

Get Vaccinated

We’ve all been hearing this non-stop, but it bears repeating: getting a preventive flu shot every year is the best way to ensure that you are protected. There are different virus strains every year, so it’s important to minimize your chances before you get sick.

Science shows that vaccinations are the safest bet for staying healthy and with the delta variant rearing its head, it’s important to note that the COVID vaccinations are in fact like annual flu vaccines. In addition, the COVID vaccine is CDC recommended and FDA approved.

The EZ Melts Difference

Quality matters. Make sure you are choosing a brand that cares about what they put into their vitamin supplements as much as you care about what goes into your body.

The best part about choosing EZ Melts? Our tablets are fast melting, EZ to take, and have delicious customer-approved flavors. In addition, all our supplements have zero chemical additives, are vegan, and non-GMO. Try our supplements today for good health tomorrow.

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Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens