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Your Supplement Has HOW Much Sugar?

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Have a sweet tooth? Then the information here should be interesting to you. 

When we think of vitamin supplements, we think of healthy habits and improved wellness. However, there are a ton of supplements out there with a lot more sugar than you would imagine, especially when it comes to many chewable and meltable vitamins.

Below is a chart on all the amounts of sugar in your favorite treats compared to the amount of sugar in some supplements. It’s an eye opener! 

Typical Amounts of Sugar Per Serving In…

  • Energy Drinks: 30-50g
  • Chocolate Bar: 17g
  • Ice Cream: 14-20g
  • Sugar Cookie: 9g
  • Sweetened Cereal: 13-20g
  • Orange Juice: 34-50g
  • A Slice of Cake: 70-85g
  • Cola: 44-50g
  • Gummy Vitamins: 2-8g per gummy!

    The Low Down on Sugar

    Everything should be in moderation, but sugar takes the cake (pun intended) when it comes to reasons to stay away as much as possible.

    Too much sugar can cause weight gain, bloating, diabetes, an increased risk for heart disease, poor skin health, increased risk for depression, and even an increased risk for cancer. 

    Adults should have no more than 30g of sugar daily, but minimizing it as much as you can is the best route to better wellness. 

    Do Research Before You Buy

    Best way to pick the right supplement? Research ahead of time. 

    There is a growing shift away from chemical and artificial ingredients in the nutraceutical industry and EZ Melts is proud to be a part of that movement. 

    We ensure that our vitamins are non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, and free of harmful or excess chemical additives and sweeteners. 

    The EZ Melts Promise

    Try our EZ Melts supplements for their customer-approved, all natural flavor, and their non-GMO and vegan promise. They melt quickly on the tongue, making it EZ to get the nutrition you need!

    Best part? We don’t add any harmful chemicals or excess sugar. Just check out our ingredients listed on the bottle and feel better knowing you are actually supporting your best health. Thanks for being a part of our community!


    Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens