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You Might be B12 Deficient and Not Know It!

In our previous article, we discussed B-Complex and all eight essential Bs. But one of these is so critical to our blood, our nervous system, our energy, and DNA that it needs another mention--because sometimes the deficiency of it hides from us! That vitamin is B12.

B12 is incredibly important--you need it to live. One of its jobs is replicating DNA. No DNA production = No cell production! You can see why that would have long-lasting, damaging effects on the body.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to lack the proper intake of this B vitamin, especially if you are vegan or vegetarian. This is because B12 is found in animal products, like eggs, dairy, meat, etc.

The only consumable plant B12 is found in is some edible mushroom and algae species, such as nori [1]. So, if you are a vegan or even vegetarian eating minimal animal products, it is very likely you are deficient.


Groups At Risk

What’s more, is that there are certain groups who might be more at risk of B12 deficiency, including older adults over 50 (especially vegetarian adults) and anyone with gastrointestinal issues or lower stomach acid levels [1],[2]. People who take certain medicines also have B12 malabsorption issues [3].

Think you might be low on B12? Sometimes it is hard to tell because there are other vitamins which mask the deficiency. Read on to see what hints your body might be giving you, and what to do about it!


Symptoms of Deficiency

Most of your nutrients should be ingested via your food sources. However, as mentioned above, B12 is hard to come by in plant-based foods. On top of this, you might have a B12 deficiency that is masked by folic acid, another B vitamin. Folic acid is a B vitamin readily available in many plant-based foods, so it is something easier to get through our diets.

However, if you are experiencing symptoms and conditions, they might develop in the form of: problems with tiredness, weakness, constipation, and anemia.  Numbness and tingling in the hands and feet, issues with balance, depression, unnatural fatigue, confusion, poor memory and dementia, and soreness of the mouth or tongue are all indicators. It can even lead to permanent damage to your nervous system!

Luckily, supplements work to counter the balance--but not all B12 vitamins are created equally. Always consult with a medical professional before self-diagnosing and starting a new vitamin regimen, and read below what to look for in your supplement.


The Brand Matters

Scientific research proves that taking a supplement is one of the best ways to bridge the gap in your B12 levels and it is incredibly hard to take too much B12 [4], so most doctors will most likely recommend it*. However--the form of B12 matters greatly!

In EZ Melts supplements, we source quality B12 in the form of methylcobalamin, because it is the form you find in most foods and vegetables (our supplement is vegan, don’t worry!)

Most supplement companies will use cyanocobalamin. It’s thought to be used because cyanocobalamin is cheaper and has a longer shelf life. Unfortunately, it also has to be converted by the body into methylcobalamin, and often, our bodies fail to do so with this type of supplement.

Methylcobalamin is recommended over the less effective cyanocobalamin by many studies for its superiority and bioavailability [5], so we ensure that our supplements deliver you the best possible nutrition possible. Why take a vitamin if it doesn’t work? Your health is too important.

Give our Zero Sugar, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO B12 supplement a try and see the difference! Our supplements melt quickly on the tongue, making it EZ to get the nutrition you need!





Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens