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Use THIS Solution for Maximizing Calcium Absorption!

We’ve talked about a lot of vitamins and minerals on their own, but some of them have to be in the spotlight together. For example, these three: calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D together!

Calcium, D3, or magnesium on their own are way less effective than getting them all together.

Teamwork makes the dream work! Why? Because when you take the ideal amount of all essential nutrients, they work together to enhance the benefits and absorption.

Here are quick recaps of all three and the science behind combining them together, like in our Calcium supplement!


1. Calcium

No bones about it--You need adequate calcium throughout your entire life [1]. Medical professionals recommend slightly different amounts according to age groups, but the fact remains the same: this mineral is essential to your health and can only be found externally in our food sources.

Calcium is widely known as being associated with bone growth and strength, as well as connection with protecting against osteoporosis and brittle bones in old age. However as previously mentioned, just taking calcium alone isn’t enough. This is because it won’t be adequately absorbed if you have a vitamin D deficiency, as vitamin D3 aids in cellular transport of calcium [2].


2. Vitamin D3

According to current research, about 42% of people in the United States are D deficient [3]! That’s worrisome considering all that vitamin D does for our bodies, such as bone health, energy levels, blood pressure, and a suggested link to reducing the risk of certain cancers [4].

Deficiency can be due to diet, minimal sunlight exposure, health conditions such as celiac or chronic kidney/liver disease, and even from something like long-term heartburn medication!

However for the majority of us, low levels and the corresponding symptoms can be remedied with OTC supplements. If you think you may be deficient, talking to your doctor first is recommended. Normal vitamin D levels should be between 20-80 NG/ML.


3. Magnesium

60% of magnesium is found in your skeletal system, and it is absorbed through food and/or supplements [5]. Many people however, are deficient, despite this mineral being necessary to function and live!

Magnesium has been linked to fighting off depression, migraines, and is involved in literally hundreds of biochemical processes in your body, such as DNA creation and energy levels [5].

Unfortunately, like calcium, magnesium is not as readily bioavailable without certain other vitamins and minerals--most prevalently, vitamin D. In studies, increased levels of vitamin D help your intestines absorb more magnesium [6]. Calcium has also been found to partner with magnesium [6]. It’s safe to say that EZ Melts’ Calcium Plus supplement containing all three of these nutrients is going to push your body into maximum absorption mode!


The EZ Melts Solution

The ability to convert vitamins and minerals into digestible nutrition in the body is called bioavailability, and it is proven that combining specific vitamins and minerals together can enhance the absorption--supporting better health! 

Especially if you identify as vegan, pregnant [7], or more senior in age [8], taking supplements can support optimal health and wellness. A lot of these nutrients are easily found in animal products, but not always in plant-based foods. This can make it even harder to make sure your body gets what it needs.

So why take three supplements when you can take one? Save time and money with EZ Melts’ Calcium & Magnesium: magnesium, vitamin D3, and calcium in one powerful, delicious dose.

The best part: They are non-GMO, vegan, and fast-melting with customer-approved, 100% natural flavors. EZ Melts are for everyone!





Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens