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Sunny D Has a New Meaning

Has anyone ever told you to enjoy at least 20 minutes of sun every day for your health? Or have you experienced more fatigue in the colder months when we are indoors and sunny weather is not as prevalent?

One of the main reasons is because our skin produces vitamin D when activated by sunlight. (Wear sunscreen of course!)

In addition, you can find vitamin D in many different foods, some better sources than others.

But despite knowing this, according to research, about 42% of Americans today are vitamin D deficient[1]!

Supplements to the Rescue

Deficiency can be due to poor diet, minimal sunlight exposure from long hours at work, health conditions such as celiac or chronic kidney/liver disease, and even from something like long-term heartburn medication!

We have great news for you-- supplements can make up for the lack of Vitamin D2 and D3 (and ours are quick-dissolving, vegan and gluten-free, with customer-approved flavors and no chemical additives...just sayin’).

Big deal right? It’s only one vitamin, why bother investing in supplements?

Well, we may be a little biased at EZ Melts, but if you look at the facts, science shows that low levels of vitamin D over time can lead to chronic skin conditions and many others, such as osteoporosis.

In addition, feeling cranky is an understatement--lack of vitamin D is linked to mood swings and even depression!

Read on to get the How-To on soaking in the benefits of D2 and D3…

A Quick Summary

If you think you may be severely low on D fuel, talking to your doctor is recommended. Normal vitamin D levels should be between 20-80 NG/ML.*

However, for the majority of us, low levels and the corresponding symptoms can be remedied with OTC vitamin supplements. It’s an easy fix to gain optimal health benefits, as well as a preventative measure for later on in life.

Many vitamin D supplements are solid and there are a ton of chemical additives, which can cause stomach upset, among other things.

But ours use 100% all-natural ingredients and sweeteners, and are fast-melting--no swallowing required!

Sunshine in a bottle? We think so. (Still, go outside--it’s nice out there.) 

Not already taking vitamin D? Check out our Zero Sugar, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO quick melting vitamin D3 tablets in a customer-approved delicious flavor!


Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens