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Step-By-Step Spring-Cleaning Tips

Read Time: 4 minutes

Spring is a great time to clean and organize your medicine cabinet and pantry. Many people use this time of year to do a thorough spring cleaning, which involves clearing out things you no longer need.

And let's be honest, the kitchen and bathroom are the places in your home that get the dirtiest (ick) and probably most cluttered.

This is why it's super important to pay extra attention to clearing out, organizing, cleaning, and storing things properly. Supplements and first aid items often get left on the shelf way past their expiration, making them ineffective or unsafe to use. 

For Spring Cleaning 2023, get your year off to a good start by knowing what to keep, what to toss, and how to organize all the self-care items you own. 

Step 1: Purge

A good purge is a great way to start your organizing project. The goal of purging is to remove expired or unused items, as well as those you no longer use and don't need in multiples. If you have one bottle left over from when you started taking a supplement, it's probably time to let go! 

The first step to organizing your medicine cabinet and pantry is to get rid of the clutter. Start by tossing expired medications, vitamins, and any other outdated or unused items you no longer need. 

You may also want to look at the reason why certain supplements are still in your cabinet: if they're there because they're expensive or difficult to find, then maybe getting rid of them isn't such a bad idea after all.

You're giving yourself the space to see your essentials and what you may need to get. 

Step 2: Wash 

It's now important to sterilize that space! Wash all bottles and containers. Use hot water and soap to clean all the items in your medicine cabinet, then rinse thoroughly.

Dry everything thoroughly before putting it away again so that there's no chance of mold or mildew forming inside the containers when they're stored for long periods of time (like during winter). 

If you don't have time to wait for everything to air dry on its own, put a towel over each item as it dries so that any remaining moisture can evaporate off into the towel instead of back onto your clean bottles/containers (this will help prevent stains from forming).

Step 3: Organize

Now that your medicine cabinet and pantry are clean and you've disposed of old/expired things that no longer serve you, it's time to store the right stuff in the right place. Keep things that you use often in easy-to-reach places so that they're not a hassle when you need them. 

If you want extra credit, use a label maker to organize all of your containers (even if they come with labels) and make sure they're clearly visible from outside of the container--it will make it easier for other people who might use them later on down the road!

Store items like vitamins, supplements, and medicines in drawers or baskets so that they aren't taking up valuable space on shelves where food or toiletries should be stored instead. 

You can also use bins as another option if there isn't enough room under counters or around doors where drawers would fit nicely; just make sure whatever container(s) you choose are sturdy enough not only to hold their contents well but also to withstand daily wear-and-tear over time.

How to Organize Your Supplements 

Supplements can be a huge benefit for your overall health and wellness. However, they're only effective if they're quality and bioavailable if you actually take them. 

Bioavailable means the supplements are formulated in a way with ingredients that can be metabolized by your body. If supplements are expired, they also won't be effective and bioavailable.

To make sure that doesn't happen, here are some tips for organizing your supplements so you can keep them fresh:

  • Keep them in a cool place away from sunlight (the refrigerator works well).
  • Store bottles upside down so air can escape as they settle into their bottle caps during storage; this will keep them fresh longer than if they were left upright or upside down without any airflow at all.
  • Set an alarm reminder on your phone to check expiration dates every 3-6 months, especially on supplements, first aid items, cosmetics, and toiletries. 

Springtime is Perfect for Starting Fresh

We hope this article has inspired you to get your medicine cabinet and pantry in order. Spring is a great time of year to do it, too. Once you’ve gotten rid of what doesn’t serve you, you may need some new supplements for your health and wellness goals.

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