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Show Off Your Skin with These Two Essentials

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Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to spare! 

We all know that water is essential for life in addition to proper nutrition, and it impacts every aspect of our health. But sometimes the benefits H2O and vitamins can have on your skin is overlooked. However, it’s kind of a big deal!

Skin is technically an organ, and it’s the largest organ we have. It needs to be supported by good diet and lifestyle habits just as your other organs, muscles, and bones do.

Your body is a machine, and it needs to be well oiled—metaphorically here, water and nutrition are the oil that keeps it going. Read on to see all the ways they keep your skin glowing, youthful and gorgeous.

Turn Back Time with H2O

Water is life, literally. It’s a big deal! And while dehydration can happen year-round, a lot of people are especially dehydrated in warm weather.

This is because it can be harder to take in the extra hydration needed to replenish our system when the weather is warmer and we are perspiring more under the summer sun—but make it a priority because here are just some of the ways water supports your skin health and longevity:

  • Promotes anti-aging by improving elasticity
  • Plumps skin and lips
  • Healthy pH balance which keeps skin healthy and glowing
  • Flushes toxins that dull and damage skin
  • Moisturizes the entire body
  • Prevents acne and other skin conditions

A tip for ensuring you're on top of your hydration? Set reminders in your phone to take a break and drink 8oz of water. You should at least be getting 8 cups a day, but many people need more.

Signs of Dehydration

Your body will often give signals to you, telling you what it needs. Look for these physical signs of dehydration so you know it’s time for more water.

  • Bad breath: dehydration can impact your mouth’s ability to fight bacteria
  • Chapped lips: they’re skin too! If your lips are peeling and dry, focus on hydration instead of a swipe of lip balm
  • Dark circles: dehydration can lead the skin around your eye socket to look sunken, which in turn makes dark circles more pronounced
  • Constipation: your digestive system needs water to keep things moving and more comfortable
  • Dizziness, low blood pressure, and fainting: internal organs, like your heart and brain, need water to keep your blood moving efficiently and for cognitive function

Top Vitamins for Superior Skin

We automatically think of biotin because it’s marketed the most in relation to skin, hair, and nails, but there are so many vitamins and minerals that also support glowy, healthy skin. And while it’s helpful to have external skin care, rubbing a cream or serum on will only target the area you put it on. For overall skin health, supplement your nutrition and skin care routine with supplements. Here are some vitamins to add:

  • Vitamin D for skin tone, evenness, and may even help with psoriasis
  • Vitamin C can increase effectiveness of sunscreen absorption, support collagen synthesis, and help skin wounds heal
  • Vitamin E, found in our multivitamin, is a powerful antioxidant which protects against sun damage, inflammation and aging
  • Vitamin A, of which retinol is a form of, protects collagen, strengthens the epidermis, and stimulates cell turnover (which slows with age).

The EZ Melts Difference

Many people don’t get adequate nutrition from their diet, which is where supplements come in! For the best skin health possible, add supplements like vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin D to your daily routine.

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Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens