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How to Travel Safer During the Pandemic

The pandemic is still in full swing yet the holidays and work aren’t slowing down. Of course, the safest way to minimize risk for yourself and others around you is to stay home.

However, if you do find yourself traveling or planning a holiday dinner, we have some tips for you to help keep you and the people around you safer from the virus. Even if you feel that you and the people around you have been safe, it only takes a second of contact with someone or a surface an infected person has touched recently to transmit the disease.

On top of that, you can test false negative for days after being exposed to COVID and still be contagious without symptoms, so the safer you can be, and the less travel you can plan, the better--for everyone. Let’s get life back to normal by staying aware and staying safe!


By Car

Minimize all bathroom and gas breaks--plan ahead! If you can get there on one tank, or without stopping to use a public restroom, it will limit your exposure to others and surfaces carrying the virus. Bring hand sanitizer with you everywhere.


By Train or Bus 

Avoid touching any and all surfaces, even with gloves on. Wear a mask covering your nose and mouth, and gloves--if you have disposable gloves, those work too. Throw them out immediately after getting off and change them. Try not to use the bathroom on the train, and stay in your seat. If it is a commuter or business train, buy out the seat next to you, if possible. It might be more costly, but it’s safer for you and the people you love.


By Plane 

If taking a flight, there is a two-fold situation to be aware of: the airport itself, with people coming in and flying out internationally and nationally, as well as the plane. If possible, ask your company to buy out the seats in your row, or check the website to see if there is a distancing policy in place. Wear your mask and gloves at all times--it’s uncomfortable, but safety is more important. Don’t take any refreshments or food that might cause a need for a bathroom break--the small space in a plane bathroom is the perfect breeding ground for the virus.


Holiday Gatherings

States are cracking down effective immediately on most public and private gatherings. Some states are even implementing fines for obvious large gatherings and social events. Check out your state’s requirements here. If guests are coming into your home have them test with same-day results if possible. Don’t physically come into contact with them while they are in your home.


Preventative Measures 

-Stay at home, have all groceries and necessities delivered.

-Before people enter your home, ask if they have taken a test recently--many pharmacies and testing locations offer same-day results. Even if people can carry the virus and test false negative, it’s better to test than nothing at all.

-Have hand sanitizer by every entrance with at least 60% alcohol as the main ingredient.

-Require people to remove their shoes, coats, and wash their hands thoroughly with warm water and ample amounts of soap.

-Consider having Zoom virtual gatherings for holiday festivities, and find activities that are suitable to do online with each other, instead of having people in your home.


Final Note 

We know this is a somber and even scary time for many, however, if we all focus on minimizing risks as often as we can, and stay conscious of who and what we are coming into contact with, we can look forward to brighter holiday celebrations in the future!

Be well,

Your friends at EZ Melts


Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens