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How to Enhance Your Mood, Memory, and Energy at the Same Time

Read time: 4 minutes

Life requires a lot of us—with errands, work, home life, and everything in between. It can be hard to juggle all your roles and responsibilities. And after a long winter (and a long year), it’s hard to get back into the swing of daily life. You may find yourself sluggish after the holidays and adjusting to the idea of everything being back in full swing. People are going back to offices and school in person, and it can be a big adjustment after the turmoil of the pandemic.

If you are feeling exhausted from stress, facing sleepless nights, and have difficulty concentrating and performing everyday tasks, you are not alone. According to reports, people are feeling strained, drained, and on the verge of burnout from 2020—just as the world is starting to expect us to “go back to normal”.

It’s important more than ever to focus on taking care of our physical and emotional needs as we process it all, but at EZ Melts, we recognize that it is vital to keep performing and being present for work, family, friends, and life as we try to find balance in this ever-changing world. So here are some tips for supporting your mood, performance, and energy levels as we navigate this together.

Keeping a Calm Mindset

It’s important to process our emotions and maintain a sense of balance and calm, not only for our emotional health but our physical health too, as stress impacts not only our minds but our bodies too. Here are some things you can try:

  • Meditation and yoga; even five minutes of sitting still and practicing makes a difference
  • Deep breathing in moments of high tension
  • Exercise regularly doing something you enjoy—try to get a combination of anaerobic and aerobic workouts
  • Make a point to spend quality time with friends and family, or call people you can’t come into contact with right now
  • Find a hobby that distracts your mind and makes you feel accomplished
  • Journal and keep track of moods and what caused them

Keeping Sharp

The parts of our brain that affect our recall and response time can be impacted by many environmental factors, including lack of physical health, mental strain, and even disease. With the stress of the past year, it’s important to keep sharp and supporting brain health with a variety of techniques aimed to keep us centered and focused, regardless of where we are or what we are dealing with. Try:

  • Practicing with word games, sudoku, a jigsaw puzzle or other brain teasers helps keep your mind active and processing
  • Adequate, quality REM sleep every night
  • Shut off distractions while working 
  • Keeping your mind concentrating on one thing at a time in order to give it all your focus
  • Good nutrition—antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals impact your brain health and promote anti-aging benefits

Keeping Steady Energy Levels

How often do we feel tired and ready for a nap by mid-afternoon, or drained on the weekends so much that zoning out in front of the T.V. seems like the only thing we feel like doing? Most likely too much. Grabbing your third coffee of the day or downing a sugar-filled energy drink may seem like the solution, but it will cause a crash and leave you in an even worse position than you were before. Plus, the amount of energy you have in your reserves also affects your ability to perform your best, recall information, and deal with life’s stressors. It’s all connected! If dragging yourself to a vending machine or taking constant naps sounds like you, a lifestyle adjustment might be in order. Try these tips:

  • Taking melatonin at night to wind your body down and prepare you for a full night’s rest
  • Turning off electronics at night so you can get quality sleep
  • Exercise in the morning to amp your energy levels
  • Eating a high-fiber, high-protein breakfast with minimal sugar will keep you at even levels of energy
  • Stretching and moving your body every hour for 5-10 minutes
  • Dialing back on caffeine

If you’re finding all three of these areas of your health being impacted by stress, poor sleep, and nutrition habits, don’t get overwhelmed! Starting with little changes to your lifestyle that feel achievable will help you stay committed to improving your physical and mental wellness. Our health is all connected and impacted by other parts of our body; when one part is off, your system can’t operate in synergy, so it’s best to think about health holistically.

A quick and effortless way to support your performance, motivation, and wellness is to consider a supplement in addition to a healthy, well-rounded diet. Consider adding the EZ Melts’ Energy, Memory, and Mood Enhancer supplement to your daily routine. It aids in all of this without harmful chemicals or negative side effects.

Our vitamins are fast melting and have a delicious customer-approved flavor. Unlike many major vitamin brands, our tablets are vegan and do not include harmful toxic ingredients, artificial flavors, or GMOs. Try us out and see the difference!


Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens