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Hacking the Gene Lottery for a Fast Metabolism--The Natural Way!

It seems that almost every day there is a new supplement claiming to fire up your metabolism and quickly shed away body fat in mere weeks!

Unfortunately, the FDA does not regulate the nutraceutical industry as strictly as pharmaceuticals, so there are a lot of ineffective, even dangerous supplements on the market claiming to boost your metabolic rate [1].

However with regular exercise and the right supplements to support your metabolism, you can see a change in your fitness and BMI. It all has to do with picking the right brand! 


Metabolism: What Is It?

The metabolism is a system of biochemical reactions within your body which digests your food,  burning calories to convert into energy [2]. The metabolic rate, or the speed of your metabolism, is directly related to weight management.

But your metabolism is so much more important to your body than just weight management! The energy it produces for your body affects your hormones, blood circulation, and even cellular rejuvenation [1].


Gene Lottery and Ways to Support Your Metabolism

You may have heard of the gene lottery before in reference to metabolism speed. While most people are born with metabolic rates that are in normal operating range, some people are born with faster or significantly slower metabolisms, sometimes due to medical conditions [3].

Your base metabolic rate and 70% of your energy use is affected by factors such as genes, height and weight [2]. It is also directly impacted by the nutrition you give your body!

So that being said, there are nutraceuticals that affect your metabolic rate effectively and safely, but there are also a lot of false claims you have to sift through to find them. Read on to bust some myths and discover supplements that are connected with a boosted metabolism!


False Advertising

As we mentioned, many companies will say just about anything to get you on board with buying their latest diet pill [4]!

Even if it’s not a harmful, artificial supplement, some websites and ads will claim that natural foods like green tea or coffee will help you slim down quickly. While some of these products are beneficial to your health (antioxidants, more energy, etc.), most have a relatively insignificant impact on your metabolic rate [5].

There is good news though! In addition to changes in diet and physical activity, natural vitamin supplements can help support a healthy metabolic rate! But which ones?


Vitamins That DO Impact Your Metabolic Rate

Vitamins and minerals have a direct impact on all of your bodily functions, which is why it is so important to get the right amounts of each. Over 90% of people in the United States today are nutrient deficient. Natural supplements, like EZ Melts, are a great way to make all essential vitamins and minerals bioavailable to your metabolism.


Here are some vitamins that support your metabolic rate and digestion:

The best part about choosing EZ Melts? Our tablets are fast melting, EZ to take, and have delicious customer-approved flavors. In addition, all our supplements have zero chemical additives, are vegan, and non-GMO.

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Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens