Don’t Waste Your Money On These Vitamins!

As we’ve said before, not all supplements in the nutraceutical industry are created equal, and some can even be harmful to your health! 

In part this is due to the fact that the FDA does not regulate supplements as strictly as pharmaceuticals because they are technically considered drugs [1].

While this doesn’t mean supplement companies can say anything under the sun, it does mean that some companies take the easy route. Often, to reduce production costs, companies will include cheaper ingredients and fillers that aren’t effective, or can even harm you!


Ingredients Matter for Bioavailability

At best, supplements like these are simply not absorbed by your body. Take vitamin B-12 for example. While a supplement may include the B-12 listed, the form it was sourced from is critical!

Most supplement companies will use the form of B-12 called cyanocobalamin because it is cheaper and has a longer shelf life. Unfortunately, it also has to be converted by the body into methylcobalamin, and often, our bodies fail to do so with this type of supplement.

Methylcobalamin (the form we use in our B-12 supplements) is recommended over the less effective cyanocobalamin by many studies for its superiority and bioavailability [2]. Bioavailability simply means the availability of a vitamin or mineral to be metabolized and absorbed by the body. There are some ingredients and forms of vitamins that bodies can process better!


Harmful Ingredients in Supplements

We’ve mentioned a few toxins to note when choosing a vitamin, but it’s worth listing again, for safety’s sake. Be on the lookout for:

  • Artificial flavoring, which has been linked to diabetes [3]
  • GMO products such as corn starch and gelatin from unknown sources [3]
  • Chemically engineered food coloring such as red 40 and blue 2 [4]
  • Titanium dioxide, found in things like makeup and even paint! It’s linked to harming lung health [5]
  • Talc or magnesium silicate, which is a carcinogen and linked to stomach cancer [6]


Thankfully, there are supplements using ethical and safe ingredients

Why take a vitamin if it doesn’t work? You might feel more at ease taking a supplement, any supplement, if you don’t know that there are a lot of companies out there that will use less effective ingredients.

The supplements you are spending money on could just be a placebo effect on your anxiety if you aren’t actually able to absorb the nutrients, or worse--if you’re actually harming your body!


The EZ Melts Promise

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Best part? We don’t add any harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients. Just check out our ingredients listed on the bottle, and feel better knowing you are actually supporting your best health. Thanks for being a part of our community!




Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens