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Biotin: More Than Beautiful Hair, Skin, and Nails!

You’ve probably seen biotin marketed in a hundred different ways in the past decade, especially targeted towards people who identify as women. You might be wondering... what does biotin do? What is biotin good for?

Well--for exactly what the ads say--biotin is connected with supporting luscious hair, strong nails, and beautiful, glowing skin; three things that many humans, including women, believe are signs of health and wellness. This is because biotin, or vitamin B7, metabolizes essential carbs, fats, and proteins that aid in supporting these enviable physical attributes, as well as aiding in hormone function.

But did you know that on top of this, biotin does so much more?

Let’s take a look at what other benefits you could be reaping from taking a biotin supplement. 

1. Lowering Cholesterol

We know the drill: yearly check-up, get our cholesterol levels checked, keep it down with proper nutrition and exercise, check! But did you know that biotin has been linked with lowering levels of lipoprotein aka the Bad Cholesterol? Yep!

Recent studies have shown that the correct amounts of biotin absorption is linked to lowering bad cholesterol [1], which is pretty fantastic, considering high levels of lipoprotein can lead to heart disease and strokes.

Studies are still in the works, but it is hopeful that biotin helps fend off high cholesterol, as there is a correlation between increased B7 and decreased lipoprotein.

2. Promotes Fetal Development 

It’s well known that pregnant women need an increase in their nutrients during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as the creation of a new living being is tough work!

While it is rare to have a complete lack of biotin in one’s nutrition these days, always consult with a medical professional to make sure, as biotin is critical for many enzymatic reactions involved in growth and metabolism. As biotin deficiency has been correlated with skeletal abnormalities in mammals, it is important to ensure optimal intake [2], [3]. An increase in the amount of biotin consumed is often needed to support fetal growth for both parent and child.

3. Supports Optimal Weight Control and Thyroid Health        

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and we as a society still have a way to go in normalizing differences.

However, if you and your medical professional are concerned about the negative impact of being overweight on your health and longevity, one such factor to be aware of is making sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals.

This is because biotin, among other essential vitamins, assists in regulating your thyroid, which in turn regulates hormone balance and function, weight, and metabolism.

In addition, several enzymes that process and metabolize fat, carbs, and proteins are supported by biotin [4]!

Especially if you have certain autoimmune conditions, it can be even more likely that you are biotin deficient, which could, according to studies, negatively impact your thyroid [5]. Consult with a doctor or nutritionist if you are finding it hard to control your weight and health. 

The Bottom Line

Making sure you are getting adequate amounts of all necessary vitamins and minerals, including biotin, is important. And remember--biotin, or B7, is not just for your hair, skin, and nails--it helps with hormones, your heart and bone health, fetal development, metabolism, and even in the creation of DNA!

Seems like it’s important to know if you are getting enough! Biotin is fat-soluble, meaning we have to ingest it--whether by our nutrition or supplements*.

The EZ Melts Difference

Consult with a medical professional if you are experiencing prolonged symptoms that could be related to deficiency. Monitoring nutrient intake now could prevent more serious conditions down the road--so make sure to get the right amounts your body needs!

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Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens