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Beta Glucan: A Popular Immune System Support

You may have heard about beta-glucan lately and all of its beneficial uses, due to the steep rise in popularity of health foods and supplements (especially right now).

Beta-glucan has been linked to immunomodulation (immune system support and regulation), anti-infection and anti-tumor therapies, and even bringing positive effects to patients with certain types of cancer [1].

While we aren’t saying that over-the-counter supplements or foods containing beta-glucan can cure, prevent, or treat any disease or disorder, science is proving that beta-glucan is a natural fiber with some powerful health benefits!


What Is It?

Beta-glucan is a natural prebiotic fiber, and it is found naturally in fungi, yeast, and algae. It is also in plants like oats and barley! The nutrition we take in, whether through food or supplements, has been linked strongly with effects on our immune system.

Our bodies do not produce beta-glucan naturally, so we have to get it through foods and supplements! Quality beta-glucan tablets are the easiest way to support your wellbeing.


Immune System Modulation

The nutrition we take in, whether through food or supplements, has been linked strongly with effects on our immune system [2]. Beta-glucans are no exception!

Beta-glucans are known as immune modulators. But what do they “modulate”, or influence?

Well, in terms of the immune system, they have been shown in trials to affect the activity of  fighter cells like T-cells, macrophages, and natural killer (NK) cells, just to name a few [3].

Our immune system is like an emergency alarm system. When there are intruders, like pathogens introduced into our bodies, these fighter cells hear the alarm sounding and run to our aide!

The effectiveness of our immune system is only as good as the response and speed of our fighter cells. Beta-glucan has been proven by research to aid in positively affecting the rate at which our immune systems respond to unknown pathogens. Taking beta-glucan supplements may support a healthy immune system response [4]!


Anti-Infective, Anti-Tumor

Connected to the immune system, b-glucans may promote the shortening of cold duration and help the immune system to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria.


Groups Susceptible to Weakened Immune Systems

Right now the immune system is on everyone’s minds, especially for people with certain conditions. There are those that might be affected more by infections and disease, including:

  • Poor nutritional habits such as smoking and drinks
  • People with AIDS
  • Temporarily weakened immune systems due to medications
  • People with autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, lupus, or celiac


Beta-Glucan Supplements

As always, talk to your medical provider if you are concerned about your immune system, and ask if beta-glucan tablets would be safe for you to add to your daily regime as a way to support your immunity!


Quality matters. Make sure you are choosing a brand that cares about what they put into their vitamin supplements as much as you care about what goes into your body!

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Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens