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Banishing Three Thanksgiving Myths!

The holidays are around the corner, and for those who celebrate, it can bring feelings of happiness and warmth as we look forward to spending time with our loved ones. Even this year, as many are figuring out socially distanced holiday plans, one factor is central to celebrations: food!

Every year, people talk about being stuffed and sleepy, especially during Thanksgiving. There are many sayings about turkey and tryptophan, feeling drowsy after eating, and bemoaning holiday weight gain--but are all of these just plain inevitable factors that come with the season? 

The truth is--no. Many of the commonly-held beliefs about holiday food and celebrations are actually myths! Read on to disband three big ones you may still think are true--we were surprised ourselves!


Myth 1: Turkey Will Make You Sleepy

People have been pointing to the amount of tryptophan in turkey as the reason they snooze right after their Thanksgiving dinner. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that is connected to serotonin transmitters, thought to be responsible in part for sleep regulation. This is why many blame it for needing a trot around the turkey table to stay awake after eating. 

But hold up! Many foods actually contain just as much tryptophan as turkey, such as beans, milk, tofu, red meat, and chicken. (Chicken actually has more than the same serving size of turkey!)

The more likely culprit of the sleepiness after Thanksgiving dinner is the culture of stuffing ourselves silly with a large amount of food and holiday dessert treats. No shame here, but the turkey in and of itself is unlikely to make you snooze!


Myth 2: You Will Definitely Gain Weight From Holiday Festivities

Listen-- we aren’t in the habit of body shaming here at EZ Melts, and weight fluctuations are normal! Unless you have a specific medical condition, taking part in holiday dinners and indulgent appetizers probably isn’t something to be wary about. 

However, the general belief is that everyone puts on holiday weight, and this is just not always true! People believe everyone gains around 5-10lbs this time of year, but on average, it’s only 1lb.

Regardless, if you are super concerned about Thanksgiving messing with your fitness goals, try bringing or serving some healthy alternatives to popular holiday dishes.

Also try to stick to your workout routine even near the holidays, as this will boost your metabolism and help you digest those extra calories.


Myth 3: You Should Save All Your Calories for That ONE Meal

If you’re thinking of fasting until Thanksgiving dinner for 24 hours beforehand, think again! Calorie splurging is actually not the smartest decision.

Many people will try to offset the amount of calories they eat during a holiday meal by not eating beforehand. It’s actually detrimental to your metabolism--and your stomach!

This is because if you are famished by the time all the delicious food is laid out, you are likely to eat WAY more than you would have if you had consistently grazed all day and stuck to your normal eating schedule. This can lead to bloating, indigestion, sleepiness, and general discomfort--not things we want to feel when we are trying to enjoy the vacation!

Also, don’t forget to drink lots of water! Often when fasting people forget to stay hydrated. This can help curb your appetite and keep you feeling awake.

Use these tips to gobble, not waddle, away at the Thanksgiving table! Have a happy holiday, EZ Melts family!


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Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens