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5 Ways to Avoid Vitamin Nausea

Woman holding a bottle of EZ Melts Iron supplements.

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Picture this: you go to the store, pick up a bottle of supplements and then wash it down with some water, thinking you’re good to go.

...And then your stomach acts up and interferes with your day.

You might wonder, "why do multivitamins make me nauseous?" How you take your supplement matters. Some vitamins can disrupt your GI tract and also irritate pre-existing conditions such as gastritis, ulcers, and IBS if you don’t take them properly. Even if you don’t normally have digestive issues, an excess of acid can build up, causing pain and nausea.

Don’t stress! Here are five ways you can prevent any negative side effects from supplements.

Take Vitamins with Food

Eating helps your body to digest and absorb nutrients. Many supplements are best taken in the morning, but if you have a hard time eating in the AM, take them whenever you eat a meal or substantial snack. Foods with healthy fats are often great for fat-soluble vitamins, and make sure to drink at least a cup of water anytime you take them. 

Healthy Diet

Make sure to get a lot of nutrients in your diet. Supplements should never completely replace a healthy diet! Foods high in preservatives, sugar, and trans fats can upset your digestive system and cause inflammation. Choose whole foods as often as possible, and meal prep on weekends if you find yourself strapped for time to cook during the week. Taking supplements with healthy meals is the best way to avoid stomach issues.

Don’t Take Before Working Out

Taking any type of supplement and/or eating food right before working out can jostle your stomach, which can disrupt your digestion and cause an excessive release of gastric acid. Eat heavy foods and take supplements at least an hour before working out.

Reduce the Dosage

If your stomach is still rumbling or upset after taking vitamins with food, you might be taking too much of something. Always consult a medical professional to address deficiency issues before starting a vitamin routine.

Easy-to-Digest Pills

Solid, chalky horse pills or large gel capsules can take a toll on your stomach and take longer to absorb. Try a different option, like EZ Melts Multivitamin. They melt quickly on the tongue, making it EZ to get the nutrition you need.

We ensure that our vitamins are non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, and free of harmful or excess chemical additives and sweeteners.

Just check out our ingredients listed on the bottle, and feel better knowing you are supporting your best health. Thanks for being a part of our community!


Written by Annie-Eliza Stevens